I am trying to revive some of the code of Leaflet-Illustrate:

It uses some Leaflet code that I believe is attaching hooks by using this:

statics: {
    START: L.Draggable.START,
    END: L.Draggable.END,
    MOVE: L.Draggable.MOVE

initialize: function(element, selectStartTarget) {
    this._element = element;
    this._selectStartTarget = selectStartTarget || element;

addHooks: function() {
    var start = L.Draw.Selectable.START;
    L.DomEvent.on(this._selectStartTarget, start.join(' '), this._onDown, this);

removeHooks: function() {
    var start = L.Draw.Selectable.START;
    L.DomEvent.off(this._selectStartTarget, start.join(' '), this._onDown, this);

_onDown: function(event) {

Somehow it attaches hooks to the rectangle that was drawn and makes a textbox (textarea) that attached to it. I've got that done, of having a rectangle with a textbox in it. I just can't seem to attach the textbox to the rectangle so that it moves wiht it in an edit mode.

Does anyone know how the L.Draggable.START/END/MOVE relate to modern Draggable actions?

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