We host a very large image set using GeoServer's imagemosaic. Our dataset uses two dimensions (time and elevation). All WMS queries work like a charm in less than 200ms (including round trip time) but WCS queries take from 5 to 11 seconds.

Looking into GeoServer's logs I've found that every time a WCS request is processed there are two calls to the database querying for the full list of values of each dimension. This is an example:

2019-03-21 20:57:02,688 DEBUG [geotools.jdbc] - CREATE CONNECTION
2019-03-21 20:57:02,689 DEBUG [geotools.filter] - exporting PropertyName
2019-03-21 20:57:02,689 DEBUG [geotools.jdbc] - SELECT distinct("date") FROM "public"."data"
2019-03-21 20:57:04,496 DEBUG [geotools.jdbc] - CLOSE CONNECTION
2019-03-21 20:57:04,505 DEBUG [geotools.jdbc] - CREATE CONNECTION
2019-03-21 20:57:04,506 DEBUG [geotools.filter] - exporting PropertyName
2019-03-21 20:57:04,506 DEBUG [geotools.jdbc] - SELECT distinct("asset") FROM "public"."data"
2019-03-21 20:57:06,604 DEBUG [geotools.jdbc] - CLOSE CONNECTION

As you might see above, that full table queries take 4 seconds in a best case scenario.

We are making the WCS request using the POST method with this XML for example:

<GetCoverage service="WCS" version="2.0.1">







We tried using the GET method also (using subset parameters) but we are observing the same results.

Is there any way we can avoid WCS to make that full table query?

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