I am trying to create a table from a yield map in Europe, that tells me how much yield for each 5'x5' raster field is achieved. This I have managed. However, I now need information for each raster field, how far away it is to the border of the nearest so-called NUTS2-region (regions of Europe based on some EU convention). So far I managed to read out the proximity of each field to a border, but I also need to know the neighbouring region.

The information is clearly there in my border shapefile (see screenshot), but whatever I try I can't seem to manage to read out the region a field is closest to - it only ever gives me the region it is located in. Is there a way that I can include the neighbouring region in my table?

enter image description here As you can see in this screenshot, when I click on a polyline that constitutes a border piece, in the upper part of the window it lists the regions it is located inbetween. In the lower part of it, it then only lists one of the regions (in this case the Czech Republic)

enter image description here This is what my table looks like - I have the distance ("Abstand" is proximity) and the region the field is located in, but not the neighboring region.

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