Inside the red circle, there are two yellow polygons of different sizes inside the large polygons. There are many such polygons. I want to merge the attribute information of a large yellow polygon in a purple large polygon. However, if you use the merge function, the colored polygons will contain attribute information of small polygons instead of large yellow polygons.

I do not see any way to get the attribute information of a large yellow polygon in a large polygon.

enter image description here

  • Do you want to merge the shapes and retain the attributes in the merged poly, and if so is it always the larger or the yellow poly whose attributes you want to retain? After you have selected the polys to merge and you choose merge you get a dialog box showing the selections and the one that is selected in that box is the one that provides the attributes to the merged poly. Try it out; they flash when you choose different polys. Or do you just want to transfer the attributes from one poly to the other? If so use the spatial adjustment's attribute transfer tool. – johns Mar 22 at 14:26

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