I have a need for a model that all the input may be optional and allow the "Selected features only" option. So, I developed a model that fakes it all as seen in the example below

enter image description here

I realize that some SAGA algoritms acepts none input, so it can start de process allowing the selected features either. I create some regular points to use in the merge, so the next algoritm will always receive something and don´t cause an error.

The question is. Is this the only and viable solution, or the long way one? because regardless the input, it takes at least 6 seconds to finish, even empty.

  • What parameter is the Input (Not Mandatory)? Because the Vector Features parameter provides an optional setting for selected features which could be used directly into the Merge vector layers tool. – Joseph Mar 22 at 16:28
  • @Joseph The Input is a shapefile of any kind. If Merge is the first step of de modeler it will ignore the setting for selected features. So, I used the Add Indicator to be sure that only the selected ones will reach the merge. – Herbert Santos Mar 22 at 16:49

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