I am a beginner with QGIS. I downloaded from different websites administrative levels for a country (0, 1, 2), full package: dbf, shp, shp.xlm, snb, shx, sbx, sbn, prj etc. However, QGIS is not opening the shapefiles (see picture attached)

enter image description here

Actually, only the KMZ files are working.

Could someone help me on this?

  • export each kmz to shapefile to be able to edit. – Mapperz Mar 22 at 16:11
  • 2
    Welcome to GIS.SE. This error usually comes up, when you try loading a shape-file without the necessary additional files. Have you unzipped all files, or only the ones with the .shp-extension? Also, you may save the .kmz as .shp and work with these. – Erik Mar 22 at 16:11
  • 4
    You seem to try to open a temporary file, are you sure it still exist ? – J.R Mar 22 at 16:11
  • shapefile must die! :) switchfromshapefile.org – Fran Raga Mar 22 at 20:00
  • Please include a link to the shapefiles that don't work so we can test them. – csk Mar 25 at 18:11

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