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I am resampling MODIS to Landsat Data, and my Goal is to get a Landsat like projected Image, but with fuzzy Borders of former MODIS pixels.

What I do not want:

I tried my Luck with a cascade of resample followed by reproject, but without any success

var reprojected = Snow500.resample('bicubic').reproject(crs,null,450) .resample('bicubic').reproject(crs,null,400).resample('bicubic') .reproject(crs,null,350).resample('bicubic').reproject(crs,null,300).resample('bicubic').reproject(crs,null,250).resample('bicubic').reproject(crs,null,200)

With a corser projection i had some success by transforming pixelValues to features and using inverseDistance(), but this was only handleable with 180 Pixels or so.... finer Resolutions(thousand of Pixel) will exceed my Quota.

Any suggestions?

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