Just want to ask if this is a normal run time when creating new attributes and writing the values of more than 30,000 features. This is for a script I'm writing.

Time to change attribute value: 0:03:44.954493

The process takes approximately 4 minutes just to execute this code

startendField = QgsField(fieldname1, QVariant.String)
durationField = QgsField(fieldname2, QVariant.String)
prov = mem_layer.dataProvider()
t0 = datetime.now()
for feat in mem_layer.getFeatures():
     #mem_layer.changeAttributeValue(feat.id(),newdatetimeIdx, 12345.67890)
     feat.setAttribute(fieldname1, startend_tbl[i])
     feat.setAttribute(fieldname2, duration_tbl[i])
     #feat[fieldname1] = startend_tbl[i]
     #feat[fieldname2] = duration_tbl[i]
t1 = datetime.now()
feedback.pushInfo('Time to change attribute value: {}'.format(str(t1-t0)))

I read somewhere that using the data provider is not the most efficient method but I don't have any idea what the other options are.

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    Side note, either you use the dataprovider to add/remove attributes/features or you use the editing session (startEditing,commitChanges). In your example, you are using both.
    – etrimaille
    Mar 27, 2019 at 12:16

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I tried the provider method prov.changeAttributeValues() and it is a lot faster than the setAttribute() and updateFeature(). The process just takes 1 second! Now I don't need to wait 4 minutes every time I tinker with my code.

Time to change attribute value: 0:00:01.160000

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