This is my formal:

("Standort_ger_fre_mosaic" ^ 0.4) *
("Habitattradition_raster_rec.tif" ^ 0.3) * 
("Vollständigkeit_rec.tif" ^ 0.1) * 
("Vorkommen_ungestörter_Lebensräume_rec.tif" ^ 0.1) * 
("Vorkommen_von_Arten_dynamischer_Lebensräume_rec.tif"^ 0.1)

I would like to charge the pixels of the above-mentioned layers together. As a final product,enter image description here I would like to have a file that has different values ​​for each pixel. When I do the computation, my final product has only one value in each pixel. This is equal to 0

I am working with ArcMap 10.6

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Instead of using "^", use the "Power" function as follows:

(Power("Standort_ger_fre_mosaic",0.4)) *
(Power("Habitattradition_raster_rec.tif",0.3)) *

This is probably a rounding issue. Please try converting your image values to float before the exponent. Also I suggest to use Power.

Power(Float("Standort_ger_fre_mosaic"),0.4) ) *
Power(Float("Habitattradition_raster_rec.tif"),0.3) ... 
  • I think the Power function alone does the trick. I tried Power("image",0.4) with an uint8 image and it worked just fine
    – kowalski
    Mar 27, 2019 at 11:19

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