I need help on how to create a grid structure over my data set with each box being 100m^2.

That isn't manually doing it so I can calculate the features within each box?


You have two options here. First one will create a new vector layer with a grid and the second one will just display a grid as overlay. What you are looking for is the first option. However, in case someone else is finding this question, the second option might be helpful as well.

Edit: of course 10m xy, not 100m as said below...

First option:

Run "Create Grid" tool from processing toolbox:

enter image description here

Select Rectangle as Grid type, choose your extent and enter 100 for Horizontal spacing and Vertical spacing. Choose a projected (metric) CRS suitable for your area of interest.

Click run and a new temporary layer will be created. You can save this if you want.

Second option:

Go to View --> Decorations --> Grid. Enable it and set intervals to 100. Choose the style you wish it to have. This requires your project to be in a projected (metric) CRS.

enter image description here

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