I´ve created some Models in QGIS 2.18 and the help in the Model shows only what is in the description field. Thats the way I want it.

But I migrated to QGIS 3.4, and now when I type something in the Modeler help, all descriptions like input, output and so on, are displayed.

Is there a way to limit the information displayed, to be like in 2.18?

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The descriptions are saved within the model file itself. So you can edit these to show specific or no descriptions at all. Find your model file (you can click the Options button in the Processing Toolbox to see the location of your stored models) and open it in your favourate text editor. Look for the lines like the following:

<Option name="help" type="Map">
    <Option name="ALG_CREATOR" type="QString" value=""/>
    <Option name="ALG_DESC" type="QString" value=""/>
    <Option name="ALG_HELP_CREATOR" type="QString" value=""/>
    <Option name="ALG_VERSION" type="QString" value=""/>
    <Option name="HELP_URL" type="QString" value=""/>
    <Option name="SHORT_DESCRIPTION" type="QString" value=""/>
    <Option name="layer" type="QString" value=""/>
    <Option name="native:mergevectorlayers_1:res" type="QString" value=""/>

You can then add/modify the value parameter or remove the line entirely so that it is not shown in the help page of your model.

  • this section of the .model3, just affect the part that I write in the help tab. Don´t clear the other tags it shows, like Inputs and Outputs. I'm looking into all the lines trying to find something that works. Mar 28, 2019 at 12:31

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