I've been looking at modeling potential avalanche hazard based on terrain characteristics. I have a vector layer showing historical avalanche paths and have raster layers for elevation, aspect, slope, curvature and land cover.

I was hoping there was an existing way to use the vector layer to identify what value range from the underlying rasters were present in the known avalanche paths and, perhaps using a bayesian statistical approach, predict/identify new areas that have similar underlying characteristics.

Does a validated GIS model or process already exist to approach this?

  • I am currently working on landslide susceptibility mapping using GIS & RS data. Most of the papers and thesis I've read; either used some sort of statistical analysis (bivariate or multivariate regression), AHP (Analytic Hierarchic Process) - easily refutable - or Deep Learning (Artificial Neural Networks). – Mouad Alami Mar 28 '19 at 7:45

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