I am trying to add GeoJSON layers on a Leaflet.JS map, but there are GsoJSON files with a very big size that can not be rendered as GeoJSON on the map.

So i have added it to the map vector tile layers via uploading it on Mapbox.

But i need to get data in a popup like i does on GeoJSON files, but don't know how? there are many plug-ins for this but i can't compile it with my Leaflet version 1.4.0

here is my code:

 var tracks = L.tileLayer('https://api.mapbox.com/styles/v1/sidgis/cjrrqzd8d2lvt2so5ubx1r2jx/tiles/256/{z}/{x}/{y}?access_token=TOKEN.JO3UVPg-WqaXki7mKcQhAw');

enter image description here

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