I have a grid of type SpatialPolygonsDataFrame (each cell has a set of data attributes). I want to merge each cell which has a surface < X with one of its neighbours. An example is depicted in the picture.

enter image description here

I loop over all cells and see which one has to be merged, then I get its neighbors with gTouches, but I couldn't get it work with functions like gUnaryUnion and aggregate.

Here is my code:

for(ix in(1:length(mygridshp))){
   if(mygridshp@polygons[[ix]]@area < 20000){
      neighbor_cells <- gTouches(mygridspolygons[ix], my_other_cells, byid=TRUE);
      neighbor_cells_ids <- my_other_cells$unit_id[neighbor_cells == TRUE];
      if(length(neighbor_cells_ids) > 0){
          first_neighbor <- mygridshp[mygridshp@data$unit_id==neighbor_cells_ids[1],];
          new_cell <- aggregate(rbind(first_neighbor, mygridshp[ix,]));
          new_cell <- gUnaryUnion(spgeom=union(first_neighbor,mygridshp[ix,]));

Any better idea how to do this?

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