I have some questions about using Open Data Cube. First of all I have successfully installed the virtual environment with miniconda and the database with PostgreSQLPortable-10.1.1.

Now I have already used the ingest command to initialize the database with .yaml files (always following the online guide) such as bom_rainfall_grids.yaml etc ..

Now I don't really know how to continue a UI exists? How do I get images processed?


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I'm assuming that you have set the datacube up (test that with datacube system check). Otherwise, get started with the following doc, cross-checking whether you've completed all the steps mentioned in it! CEOS-SEO - Get Started

Step 1 :- Download Satellite images. Choose a dataset. e.g. Landsat 8 level 1. It can be downloaded from USGS Earth Explorer. extract them within /datacube/original_data/Folder_Name_based_on_Instrument_Path_row_acquisition_date.

Step 2 :- Add the Landsat 8 level 1 product using the following command :-

datacube product add ~/Datacube/datacube-core/docs/config_samples/dataset_types/ls_usgs.yaml

Step 3 :- Prepare the metadata file for the image you downloaded.

python ~/Datacube/datacube-core/utils/ls_usgs_prepare.py --output /datacube/original_data/folder_containing_satellite_images/ls8_usgs_lv1.yaml /datacube/original_data/folder_containing_satellite_images/ 

P.S:- you can use wildcard, for example, look up the guide added below as reference. this will create ls8_usgs_lv1.yaml in the folder which contains the satellite images. this can be any other filename too, and is datacube-metadata.yaml in the guide and the script mentioned works for Landsat 7 level 2 data.

Step 4 :- index the metadata file created just now

datacube -v dataset add /datacube/original_data/Folder1/ls8_usgs_lv1.yaml

Step 5:- Prepare an ingest script for your dataset. there are some entries which should match the dataset / product you added.

Instructions on preparing the script can be found in the following section :- CEOS - Ingestion guide

ingest the script you do create with the command :-

datacube -v ingest -c ~/Folder1/.../ingest_script_created.yaml

References :-

  • How did you create the configuration files after the PostgreSQL database creation? Jul 5, 2020 at 11:38

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