In support of some watershed work, I need to force flow into several valid sinks that I have burned into my DEM. Flow direction and flow accumulation really don't like sinks so trouble is that the flow accumulation at my sinks is zero and the several flow lines to each of the sinks do not converge. as a result, my pour points fail to capture all flow.

Since all flow lines terminate at the 8 pixels immediately adjacent to my sinks, I have proposed placing 8 additional pour points at fixed positions relative to my current points such that:

For each input point, 8 new points with the same attributes are to be created to match the fixed pixel spacing of my DEM.

to put it another way, for each input pixel (yellow) I want the digitize the 8 surrounding ones (cyan)

enter image description here

are there existing tools or processes that I can use to accomplish this?

I asked these questions yesterday to bring me to this thought process

Understanding ArcGIS Flow accumulation result?

Understanding ArcGIS Flow Direction pixel values?


not terribly elegant, but might get the job done.




Buffer input points to the pixel size(purple).

find the envelope of the buffer.

convert the envelope to a line (yellow).

find the corner points (blue) of envelope.

split the envelope line at those corner points.

then find the mid points (red) of the split envelope lines.

Copy/Paste the corners and midpoints to a feature class.

enter image description here

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