I am trying to migrate a plugin to QGIS3 from QGIS2 and I am having issues with an API.

The original python has QgsMessageBar.MessageLevel but https://qgis.org/api/api_break.html says it has been moved to Qgis::MessageLevel. I tried replacing it in the code and got an invalid syntax and I couldn't find a MessageLevel example in py3.

What does it mean when something has been moved to Qgis::...? How do I find the proper syntax and use?

  • which syntax did u try so far ? – snaileater Mar 29 at 19:17

You can make a util function like this,

from qgis.core import Qgis as QGis

def showUserMessage(before, text="", level=QGis.Info, duration=3):
        ''' Show user info/warning/error messages '''
        iface.messageBar().pushMessage(before, text, level=level, duration=duration)

showUserMessage( "Info : ", "Info Sample")
showUserMessage( "Warning :", "Warning Sample",QGis.Warning)
showUserMessage( "Critical : ", "Critical Sample", QGis.Critical)
  • Thanks, this got me moving on to the next error... – Tyler Veinot Apr 1 at 11:32

The proper syntax is like below:

# First import Qgis class
from qgis.core import Qgis


def something():
    # Then you have to use like 'Qgis.MessageLevel' (Qgis.Info as an example)
    iface.messageBar().pushMessage(text, level=Qgis.Info)

For more information, please review Communicating with the user and QGIS API Documentation.

  • Both answers are really close and got me going again; I accepted Fran Raga as the answer because that one simply looked more like the code I was working with so I figured out what needed to change. Now that I see the changes I can see just how similar these 2 answers are... – Tyler Veinot Apr 1 at 11:34

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