I am very new to geotools and map-projections and after researching a hole day I still don't know where to start.

I have a map with a size of X,Y Pixels and it is in Mollweide projection. How can I manage in Javacode to find the long/latitude of a specific point ( X1,X2 ) in my map.

Can anyone help with a starting hint, or the best would be a code example ( link )

Thanks for mentoining the 'Java Map Projection Library'. I tried to do the transformation with JMPL, but i guess I have a lack of understanding. How can I tell the transformation, how is my map sized ( X,Y ). Or how shall I do the transformation ? My Code so far:

    Point2D.Double pointonmap = null;
Point2D.Double latlon = null;
MolleweideProjection molproj=new MolleweideProjection();

pointonmap = new Point2D.Double (1400,1000);  

latlon=molproj.inverseTransform(pointonmap,new Point2D.Double ());

System.out.println("latlon: " + latlon.getX() + ", " + latlon.getY());

best regards


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