I have table like

enter image description here

I need to select if R_no values is more than two same values and in ANGLE select first three numbers common and more than three attributes is same

enter image description here

Finally I want to select like blue highlighted attributes.

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  • To select multiple instances of R_no: summary statistics with a summary field of FID/OBJECTID case field of R_no to create a table with counts, optionally use table select where count_FID > 1 to create a new table with just R_no values that have a count of more than 1 instance then join by attributes R_no to R_no in the summary table extract and then finally select where count_FID > 1, right click on the layer and choose create layer from selected features and then remove the join on the selection layer - this will leave you with a layer where all the rows have a instance of R_no more than 1. – Michael Stimson Apr 1 at 3:14
  • thanks sir, but it is to lengthy. And what about Angle select starting three letters same attributes if more than three values. – Rakesh Reddy Posham Apr 1 at 3:47
  • Again, you can use the same technique to select from the selected layer but this could be simplified with python and dictionaries using a search cursor then iterating the first dictionary by key to select the matching R_no, ANGLE and DIST; the two-from-three duplication match can be evaluated and selection added to an existing selection (starting from no selection) of a layer. This is fairly advanced python, do you have reasonable python ability? – Michael Stimson Apr 1 at 3:57
  • i don't have knowledge about python so could u please give VB Script querry for above. – Rakesh Reddy Posham Apr 1 at 4:31
  • I don't know VB Script, VB.net with ArcObjects I do know but that's far too much to write for a single question. Use Model Builder if you want this to be repeatable and save into a toolbox. – Michael Stimson Apr 1 at 4:37

Your question is a bit unclear. If you want to select first three rows if number of features in each R_no group is larger than two, code below should work. Execute in python window with the table/feature class added to the map. Im using collections.defaultdict to Group.

import arcpy
from collections import defaultdict

layer = 'somelayeraddedtoArcMap' #Change
group_field = 'R_no' #Change

oid_field = arcpy.Describe(layer).OIDFieldName
d = defaultdict(list)

#Group oids together by Group_field
with arcpy.da.SearchCursor(layer,[group_field, oid_field]) as cursor:
    for group, oids in cursor:

oids_to_select = []
for group, oids in d.iteritems(): #d.items() in python3/ArcGIS Pro
    if len(oids)>2: #if more than 2 in group
        oids_to_select.extend(oids[:3]) #:3 add first Three oids to list

sql = "{0} IN{1}".format(arcpy.AddFieldDelimiters(layer, oid_field), tuple(oids_to_select))

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