I just read the problems similar to mine on this forum, but no solution helped me.

To put it simply, I use ST_Touches in an algo in PHP that allows me to test if two points touch. Here is the query:

FROM t_node1, t_node2 
WHERE st_touches (t_node1.geom, t_node2.geom)

The problem is that there is a tolerance and therefore my results are not accurate.

Is there a way to remove this tolerance?

  • Show us a concrete example with two geometries which do not touch even PostGIS claims that they do. – user30184 Apr 1 at 10:27
  • 2
    Most folks have issues with objects which should touch, but don't quite due to floating-point representation issues. I've never heard of such a tolerance in PostGIS, though Esri geometry does. – Vince Apr 1 at 10:38

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