Similar question here, I tried the suggested answer but it didn't work for my situation. updating plugin from qgis 2 to 3. qRegisterResourceData . argument 2 has unexpected type 'str' I am trying to migrate a plugin to QGIS3 using qgis2to3 and I got stuck on an error; TypeError: qRegisterResourceData(int, bytes, bytes, bytes): argument 2 has unexpected type 'str' It seems that when I run the pyrcc5.bat I get a new resources.py but not a new resources.qrc, should have I?

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So this is what I managed to come up with that ended up working for me; in the OSgeo4W Shell I ran; 04w_env, qt5_env, and py3_env then I cd'd to where my plugin folder was, then ran pyrcc5 resources.qrc -o resources_rc.py and that got me past this error.

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