I have a intersected counties shapefile with wind potential category attribute. What I want to do is to dissolve the features grouping them by county, and retrieve the WPC value which has the largest AREA. With Dissolve tool i am able to retrieve the area only.

Here is the data snippet:

enter image description here

So my desired output would be a layer with 1 feature for county with WPC value (with max Shape area).

  • Look at the help page. Dissolve by country field and max statistic on sum shape. – Hornbydd Apr 1 at 17:57
  • Thanks. With Dissolve tool I was able only to get SUM_Shape value, but I need WPC as well. – icelandico Apr 1 at 18:00
  • To get corresponding WPC of max area, join dissolve layer to original layer on area, you can include any fields you want. – klewis Apr 1 at 18:08
  • Sort descending by area, remove duplicate by country. Also I suggest removing spatial analyst from tags. – FelixIP Apr 2 at 3:13
  • A simple summarize with max option on WPC will produce a table. Also subqueries are supported in ArcMap selects, which means you can use summary operations such as max to select. I don't have time now to find an example. – danak Apr 2 at 15:39

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