Migrating a plugin and started getting the error AttributeError: module 'qgis.PyQt.QtGui' has no attribute 'QVBoxLayout' I cannot find this one in the API changes I tied using qgis.PyQt5.QtGui but that didn't work. I thin it is usage or syntax according to this https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qvboxlayout.html the in Qt5 the QVBoxLayout usage is a bit different. I have self.verticalLayout = QtGui.QVBoxLayout(Configuration) I am thinking Qt5 has a completely different way of setting ui's and there is a lot of ui settings in thsi; is there a converter out there for Qt4 to Qt5? Qgis2to3 didn't change any of this code.


All GUI objects are now in QtWidgets instead of QtGui.

from qgis.PyQt.QtWidgets import QVBoxLayout
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  • What I did was add QtWidgets to the end of from qgis.PyQt import QtCore, QtGui, QtWidgets and from qgis.PyQt.QtWidgets import QVBoxLayout just below that. Then changed all the QtGui.QVBoxLayout() to QtWidgetrs.QVBoxLayout(). When I reinstalled the plugin QGIS threw the next set of errors. Was there a cleaner way? – Tyler Veinot Apr 1 '19 at 19:01

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