The following example converts a line vector layer (road network) into a density raster. It seems to be working for others, but it looks like it's creating data gaps at my resolution (50m).


# Set common CRS
crs <- "+proj=utm +zone=10 +ellps=GRS80 +datum=NAD83 +units=m +no_defs "

# Read in our vector & raster data
study_area <- readRDS(gzcon(url('http://web.pdx.edu/~porlando/study_area.RDS'))) %>% 
  spTransform(CRSobj = crs) %>% raster(res = 50, crs = crs)
roads <- readRDS(gzcon(url('http://web.pdx.edu/~porlando/fwy.RDS'))) %>%
  spTransform(CRSobj = crs) %>% crop(study_area)

# Use spatstat to create density raster
roadsPSP <- as.psp(as(roads, "SpatialLines"))
roadLengthIM <- pixellate.psp(roadsPSP, eps = 50) # meters
roadLengthRaster <- raster(roadLengthIM, crs = projection(roads))

# The resolution isn't exactly 50m x 50m so I resample again
roadLengthRaster50m <- resample(roadLengthRaster, study_area)

# Recode values to exaggerate presence/absence    
values(roadLengthRaster50m)[values(roadLengthRaster50m)<=0] <- NA           
values(roadLengthRaster50m)[values(roadLengthRaster50m)>0] <- 100       

# Plot raster layer on top of vector layer
plot(roads, col="black")
plot(roadLengthRaster50m, add = T)

enter image description here

There are many sections where the black vector layer is poking through the rasterized version. At this point, I'm not sure whether it's a visualization issue, or a limitation of this approach entirely!

Edit: I've followed all of the various solutions found here and I'm getting similar results, however, the non spatstat methods take significantly longer! I'm open to trying any library that gets the job done though.

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    Take a look at the fasterize or velox packages for fast rasterization. Using spatstat is less than optimal in speed and controlling how rasterization happens, thus the gaps. However, I am not sure that tidyverse syntax will work with these packages. – Jeffrey Evans Apr 2 at 20:30

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