I want to make a choropleth map from Census data, where my table structure is similar to the below, but I want to create a graduated style for the population based on a particular Country of birth (e.g. for Greece):

Region     Country of Birth         Population
1          Australia                52
1          Iraq                     22
1          Greece                   13
2          Australia                16
2          Iraq                     3
2          Greece                   21

I've tried doing this via an expression, however, have been unsuccessful so far.

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  • You should show more of your data structure ... Why do you want to build an expression and not access directly your table field ? Why did u title your post "conditionnal" ? .... – snaileater Apr 2 at 5:55
  • What is your required classification interval, i.e. quantile, equal, Jenks etc.? Is normalization per area necessary in your outcome? What units the attribute "Population" has? Is it mandatory for you deploying expression? – Taras Apr 2 at 6:50
  • If you use a rule-based style based on the country of birth, you can create a separate graduates style for each rule with the "Refine selected rules" button. – csk Apr 2 at 19:41

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