I've two thing that I joined, a shapefile of PollingStation and a csv of the results of the election. When I join them by the right field, I get a new table with all the information I need.

enter image description here

My problem is when i go to the layer properties and I choose a graduated map I can't choose field from the dataset I add.

enter image description here

I've seen that my data are as string for the dataset I add, and as double for the original.

So i extracted again my data from R, but this time I first set it as characterto be sure. But when I joined it's always string.

I tried to refactor with the refactoring field tool, so I set all as double,

enter image description here

the tool says that it worked

enter image description here

but when I open the properties my data are always as string.

enter image description here

So Basically what I need is a way to join my data and make the field from the dataset I add usable for a graduated map.

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One quick and lame solution is to use expression and do the type conversion using something like :


(or to_real)

Then your symbology is set not on the "direct" field value but on a calculated version of the field and should work ...

Another solution is to setup a .csvt file which will define the type of each field of your .csv (some help : How to Specify Data Types of CSV Columns for Use in QGIS) ...


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