I had plotted the routes of some locations. The maximum number of locations allowed for routing using the OSRM package in R is 100 coordinate points.

How can I extend beyond this restriction?

  • It will help if you give some example code that shows it working for 100 points and then failing for 101. – Spacedman Apr 2 at 21:44
  • @Spacedman here is the output from R when you try to work with the osrm package in R for any sets of coordinates larger than 100 . . The OSRM server returned an error: Error: The public OSRM API does not allow results with a number of durations higher than 10000. Ask for fewer durations or use your own server and set its --max-table-size option. – user7779697 Apr 3 at 2:25
  • Also if you try to use the osrmTrip function in the osrm package, it works for sets of 100 and fails for those above 100. Here is another example trips <- osrmTrip(loc = day13.crit_spatial_df[c(79,1:100), c("name","long","lat")], overview = "full") - This worked. But when I had this code below, it failed for 101 - trips <- osrmTrip(loc = day13.crit_spatial_df[c(79,1:101), c("name","long","lat")], overview = "full") – user7779697 Apr 3 at 2:30

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