I have made a script to do some calculations for each page of a QGIS atlas (QGIS Atlas with insert map)

The script is adjusting the bounding box of a map on the layout page. To make it run for each page, I have made a textbox where the script is returning nothing. I do not care for the return value, I just want the side effect of having the bounding box adjusted. The solution is working nicely, but it feels a bit kludgy.

Is there anywhere else I could put the script to make it run once per page for my atlas?

(using qgis 3.6.1 on windows 10)

Correction: When testing a bit more, it turns out some maps are being exported before they have finished rendering (I am fetching some relatively large data sets from a wms-server). When I browse manually through the maps, it goes a little slow, but when I export the entire atlas, for about one third of the maps, the map I am adjusting manually is showing the map from the former page.

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