Error: Affine mismatch: found AffineTransform[[4.500000005E-6, 0.0, -66.73953600000003], [0.0, -4.500000005E-6, -66.37788]] in 15DEC04140340-P2AS_R3C2-054763377010_01_P002.TIF, previously saw AffineTransform[[4.499999992E-6, 0.0, -66.813264], [0.0, -4.500000005E-6, -66.37788]]. Difference in X scale exceeds 8.470329472543003E-16.

I uploaded two satellite GeoTIFFs to Earth Engine which produced the above error at the point of ingestion.

When uploading images one by one there is no error, but this is very time consuming .

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