I'm using mapshapers web interface and it looks like I should be able to collapse two layers with merge-layers:

$ help merge-layers
  -merge-layers merge multiple layers into as few layers as possible

  force         merge layers with inconsistent data fields
  name=         rename the edited layer(s)
  target=       layer(s) to target (comma-sep. list)

But the target= attribute isn't working:

$ merge-layers target=bayarea_county,california_places_clipped
[merge-layers] Use the target= option to specify multiple layers for merging

I tried putting the list in quotes and got:

$ merge-layers target='"bayarea_county","california_places_clipped"'
Missing target: "bayarea_county","california_places_clipped"
Available layers:   [1]  bayarea_county
  [2]  california_place_clipped

How do I use merge-layers in the web interface?

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