I'm wondering if it is possible to categorise layers in QGIS using one expression but label it using another? I have several layers based on the same dataset but clipped so they have different areas. I want to categorise them so the symbology matches between the layers but label the categories with the areas as well.

At the moment I am using the same expression for each layer but have to manually change the category colours to match.

In ArcMap, I used the advanced symbol legend label tool from maplogic for the this.

3km Land System Symbology

An example of what I'm doing. The colours and description stay the same but the area change based on buffered areas. I'm using an expression to categorise the layers e.g. 'MAPUNIT' || " - " || 'DESCRIPTION' || round(sum('AREA', 'MAPUNIT'), 2))

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    Could u detail a bit more how your project is structured ? AFAIK there is no connection between the symbology and the labeling so i would answer 'yes' ! – snaileater Apr 6 at 7:42

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