I have two shapefiles with me, one big and one small. I want to clip part of big shapefile where the small shapefile is located. I tried QGIS vector intersect by geometry, but that is returning me empty file.

Is there any command line argument from gdal that can do the job for me?

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  • Are the shapefiles in the same coordinate system? – smiller Apr 8 at 19:06
  • @smiller No they were not. But now I reprojected them to same coordinate system and tried QJIS intersect but again no result. Is intersect the right command or should I try anything else ? – bambi Apr 8 at 19:13
  • It looks like there's a clip tool -- guides.library.duke.edu/QGIS/Clip. Vector -> Geoprocessing -> Clip – smiller Apr 8 at 19:19
  • @smiller Thanks it worked. – bambi Apr 8 at 19:26
  • Great! Added as answer. Please take a moment to mark it as accepted if it was helpful. – smiller Apr 8 at 20:13

First ensure that the shapefiles are in the same coordinate system, reprojecting if necessary. Then try the Clip tool in QGIS:

Vector -> Geoprocessing -> Clip 

Additional information on this tool: https://guides.library.duke.edu/QGIS/Clip

Clipping line layer based on polygons with QGIS?

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