I have the same dataset both in Shapefile and Spreadsheet.

What can be the advantages/disadvantages of using one format rather than the another?

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    I downvoted because there is no way to give an answer without knowing what the purpose of your data is. – Berend Apr 9 at 13:05
  • I am interest in general, in which are advantages/disadvantages of the two formats. – marc09 Apr 9 at 13:15
  • Let me give an example: An advantage of a spreadsheet would be that it can be viewed in Excel. But if no one ever uses Excel, what would be the point of this advantage? I can think of tens or even hundreds of (dis)advantages of certain file formats, but we don't know wether they are relevant for your specific use case. I.e. your question is too broad. – Berend Apr 9 at 13:19

The main advantage of using a ShapeFile is that you can store the geometry in it. So that it can be displayed spatially in a GIS.

  • Thank you. But can I get exactly the same result (layer) uploading of the same dataset the Spreadsheet or the Shapefile? – marc09 Apr 9 at 13:14
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    You cannot do spatial analysis (select by location, nearest) with a spreadsheet (unless manipulated) - this sounds like a school/college question. – Mapperz Apr 9 at 13:52

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