I'm trying to figure out the best approach to achieve the following:

  1. A user selects a single or group of features.
  2. Option to access a popup box with a set of dropdowns populated by DB query.
  3. The user saves, and a database query is run.
  4. PostGIS layers are refreshed.

One thing to note is that the PostGIS layer the user will be selecting features from is a view query, so the update needs to be made to different tables.

Could anyone point me in the right direction of what to research/look at? I'm wondering if I would have to write a plugin?


Without coding a plugin (although it can do exactly what is wanted in terms of algorithm, query and design), I think it's possible to achieve what you want with the QGIS interface for just one feature selected. For a group of features, I think the only way (for have a dialog with comboboxes that update selected datas) is a PyQGIS plugin.

If you want to develop a QGIS plugin, take a look at useful plugins :

  • Plugin Builder (for create with few clicks base files for a working plugin)
  • Plugin Reloader (reload the developed plugin without quit QGIS)

For software :

  • Qt Creator for edit the .ui dialog interface file (software package with QGIS installation)
  • Qt Assistant for documentation of Qt object classes

For code :

  • Python 3 and QGIS Python API
  • PyQt (for connection with database, I recommand you to look at QSqlQuery Qt class.
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  • Thanks for this. I ended up just writing the plugin! – user3412 May 29 '19 at 20:19

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