When I run climate data (signed 16 bit) and land use data (unsigned 8 bit) on Maxent, I got an error message:

Error projecting: java.io.IOException: Files bio6 and alt in directory D:\WorldClim\Future\ACCESS1_0\rcp4 have different geographic dimensions.

Despite correcting the layers to have the same dimensions (I AOI of the same), Maxent still gives me an error message for the same two layers.

  • I'm guessing here. Are these vector or raster files? If raster, do they use the same cell size? Looking online, someone said that in addition to same cell size and extent, that the rasters should be 'snapped' so that the cells/extent start at the same location. – mkennedy Apr 10 at 16:40
  • The error points to bio6 and alt (altitude) layers (not land-use), or I don't get the role of land use data in your question :). Can you add some info about layers in error e.g. from gdal info command line or QGIS raster info function? – Oto Kaláb May 7 at 10:17

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