When I try the geocoding function in QGIS plugin mmqgis it doesn´t recognize my columns headers and when I try to fill in the fields, it only recognizes the whole

Qgis Field problem

The CSV has around 200 entries.

Does someone know a workaround?

  • That looks a bit weird for me. Have tried the same and it works. Can you tell please how did you achieve you csv-file, e.g. from Excel, Python processing etc.? By the way, will you be able to share a sample of your data in csv? – Taras Apr 10 at 10:39
  • I exported the excel data file to CSV, but due to limitation in excel 2013 I had to open it up in notepad and save it as UTF 08. I tried a CSV with repetitive data and more entries, and that worked I made a screenshot i.imgur.com i.imgur.com/EIr5E4C.png/nMwbweY.png I am not alowed to share the data because of private information in it. I already removed the empty cells with unknown but that still doesnt solve it, – D.Waarm Apr 10 at 10:51
  • I figured it out Taras, there were some cells which had characters like "" *** that messed with the CSV I think, thanks alot for your time :) – D.Waarm Apr 10 at 11:09

I figured it out. There were some cells which had characters like "", *** that messed with the CSV.

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