I am using ArcGIS for JavaScript v.3.27 with a REST server running v.10.31. I typically develop on Firefox 66 but I test on other browsers. The behavior I describe here has been verified in Firefox and Chrome.

I am using a map to load various layers, some of which are editable Feature Layers. I attach event handling for "click" and "dbl-click" events to the layer and these behave as expected for existing Features. However, when I add a new Feature to a Layer, the "click" and "dbl-click" events don't trigger at all. Refreshing the page adds the event handling to the Feature and it behaves as expected. My wish is that the new Feature would behave as expected without a page refresh.

What could be causing this?

  • can you post your code ? – LMokrane Jun 18 at 14:27

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