I have a bunch of lines that have a phase name, and then a type. So like "Phase 1" and "12in Water". I have many phases and types in this dataset, and want to list the items in each phase, and the total length for each type. I would get (commas are column separations here):

Phase 1, 8in Water, 254.8
Phase 1, 12in Water, 54.4
Phase 1, 18in Water, 200.5
Phase 2, 8in Water, 300.5
Phase 2, 12in Water, 22.9
Phase 2, 18in Water, 80.0

and so on. I can do that with Group Stats plugin. What I want to do is show another property for each, with the value being "first", as they slightly differ and the first value of the group is fine. An example is our "facility Type" field, with maybe a value of "Domestic Water". As is, Group Stats will make a separate group based on the values and now I have essentially multiple rows of what I consider the same item.

I do this in ArcMap Summary Statistics. Is there a way in QGIS to do this, with Group Stats or other tool?

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