In Aligning Raster and vector layer using PyQGIS when they do not match?, someone gave a solution for creating a point memory layer to correctly align a raster image with a vector.

I am wondering how this can be implemented for a .PNG raster image?

I think the method is the same, just the commands would be different?

I have tried:

def addRasterImage1(self):
    x = self.lon0    
    y = self.lat0
    self.layers = []
    fileName = 'Desktop' 

    dir = os.path.dirname(fileName) if fileName is not None else "." #path of the saved raster image
    formats = ["*.%s" % "PNG"]  

    file = myfile_list[k_zt]  #raster image to load onto vector image
    print file
    if file:
        layer = QgsRasterLayer(file, fileName)
        print "layer",layer

        if not layer.isValid():

        # add layer to the registry

        # # set extent to the extent of layer
        self.layers.insert(0, QgsMapCanvasLayer(layer))

        print "layers number:",len(self.layers)
        self.MyWorldLayer(ext = False)

Which produces a shifted raster png file on the vector map (the vector map is self.MyWorldLayer()).

I have then also tried changing the raster layer by resampling, similar to the code Changing Raster Layer Resampling with PyQGIS?.

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