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I am new to GIS field. As part of my class project we want to simulate 100-1000 taxi agents on NYC map.We plan to write java application which fetches road network information and moves these agents along the road path every 30 seconds,agents would take left/right/straight/u turn at intersections (turn is chosen based on some logic).Task is very similar to this Q-->

Simulating Random Agent Movements along Roads on Map

Above question's answer is bit ambiguous (based on the comments).

What would be good approach to get data setup for this project should we use osm2pgsl or osm2pgrouting to get required tables to achieve simulation.Based on my reading osm2pgsl doesn't provide intersection and lanes/roads between these intersections.But my classmate says that it may be available in the slim tables viz osm_ways & osm_nodes tables.

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