I'm in Print Composer and want to develop a template. In that template, I would like to add a text Label which automatically represents the size of the sheet in the format "Sheet size: 841x1189".

There is got to be an expression for that but I can't find it. Can someone recap it for me?

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Go with

'Sheet size: '||@layout_pageheight ||' x '|| @layout_pagewidth ||' mm'

For the future: In any template text field, go to "add expression" and check the bullet point "variables".

Additional input from csk: In order for the formula to work you need to add [% in the front and %] in the end. Forgot about this, my bad.

So we have:

[%'Sheet size: '||@layout_pageheight ||' x '|| @layout_pagewidth ||' mm'%]
  • This works in the expression builder. To paste it directly into the text label, you need to add [% before and %] after.
    – csk
    Commented Apr 16, 2019 at 18:08

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