My question can be divided in 3 steps and I guess I can answer 1.5 of them already.

To perform the viewshed analysis from every single pixel in a raster I will need:

Now the 3 steps are:

  • STEP 1: Get the points layer from the raster

This is my raster: enter image description here What I've done was used Raster Pixels to Points tool: Raster Pixels to Points and then I got this layer: enter image description here which I think it's was I need for step 2.

  • STEP 2: Perform Viewshed Analysis for each Point

As I said I would use one of those plugins/tools, but since the one use in GRASS requires to select one pixel at a time, I was trying to used the other one (QGIS plugin for visibility analysis). So here is the configuration of the tool that I used: enter image description here

--> From this point on I have problem achieving what I wanted <--

After I run it I have an error associated with the fact that I am not passing some fields ( which I think are also fundamental, observ_hgt and radius) and I don't know either where to put them... enter image description here

I even tried to add the fields observ_hgt with the value 1.5 and radius 2000 to each pixel (by clicking Toggle Editing > Open Field Calculator) but afterwards I got another error (as can be seen below): enter image description here

From this point on I don't know how to proceed and even Step 3 I don't know how would it be possible to achieve. But what I had in mind was to get an output like this...

  "70.24,214.22": {
    "visible_coordinates" : [ "70.23,214.24", "70.27,216.24",.... ]
  "70.24,215.22": {
    "visible_coordinates" : [ "70.23,214.24", "70.27,216.24", .... ]
  "70.24,216.22": {
    "visible_coordinates" : [ "70.23,214.24", "70.27,216.24", "70,4...." ]

I said JSON but what I need is a way to get the information easily using python of knowing this: given a pixel coordinate, from which pixels is it visible? (something like reverse viewsheding, hope this isn't that dumb to say)

How do I solve Step 2?

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  • If you are stuck on Step 2 then that is what I think you should focus this question on. You can always ask about step 3 in another question. – PolyGeo Apr 16 at 12:23