How can I change the map view of a map window in MapInfo Professional to a new center coordinate? I need to change the viewed map in the MapInfo window via a predefined set of coordinates via MapBasic.

I tried to find it out through the MapBasic window but didn't find anything useful.


Have a look at the Set Map statement.

Set CoordSys <some coordinate system specification>
Set Map 
    Window FrontWindow() 
    Center ( [some x coordinate], [some y coordinate] ) 

where [some coordinate system specification] shold be replaced with a representation of a coordinate system or reference to f.x a table:

Set CoordSys Table MYTABLE

And [some x coordinate], [some y coordinate] should be replaced with the coordinate of the new center point.

You will get a similar statement in the MapBasic window if you use Map > Change View to change the center of the map window.


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