I'm trying to import an XML network into QGIS which I got from using SUMO's OSM Web Wizard tool.

The process that I'm looking to follow is documented here under the "(Q)GIS" section. The following example code is presented:

  grep "<lane\|<net\|</net" $1 > $1.lanes.xml
  python $SUMO_HOME/tools/xml/xml2csv.py $1.lanes.xml
  sed -i 's/ /|/g' $1.lanes.csv
  sed -i 's/,/ /g' $1.lanes.csv
  sed -i 's/|/,/g' $1.lanes.csv
  awk '$5="LINESTRING("$5")"' FS=';' OFS=';' $1.lanes.csv > $1.lanes.qgis.csv

However, at the moment I can only fumble around with Linux at best. I can execute the python portion of that code using the scripts that come with SUMO, however I am at a loss with the grep, sed, and awk Linux commands. I'm hoping somebody might be able to translate this code to perhaps something that doesn't use Linux (maybe Excel?) or could otherwise help import a SUMO network into QGIS.

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