I'm trying to use


but a lot of errors are appears. One of them is:

ERROR 000732: Output Location: Dataset results does not exist or is not supported

My code is:

import arcpy

from arcpy import env env.workspace = "C:\Users\user\Documents\ArcGIS\teste"


Should I change something?


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Your workspace is missing the r before the path or you can replace one backslash \ with two backslashes \\ or you can replace the backslash \ with a forward slash /. You can adjust your code based on the following example:

import arcpy
from arcpy import env

# Set the current workspace
ws = env.workspace = r"F:\Ahmad\Test\DEM"

# Get a list of raster from the workspace
rasterlist = arcpy.ListRasters()

# OR you can pass your target raster data to a list
# rasterlist = [SG-21-Z-D.tif,SG-22-Y-C.tif]

# Execute MosaicToNewRaster_management() tool
mosaic = arcpy.MosaicToNewRaster_management(rasterlist,ws,'MosaicFinal.tif','',pixel_type='16_BIT_SIGNED',number_of_bands=1)

Check the Mosaic To New Raster help for more information.


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