I don't know how to filter the attribute table in QGIS. I have two columns, "DN" and "DN_2", both with values from Corine Land Cover (111, 112, 223, etc).

I try to select the rows that have the same value. For example. "DN": 111, and "DN_2": 111, to erase them, and have only values that are different on the same row

enter image description here.

Is there a way to filter this?

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filter by expression with "DN"="DN_2" ? depending on the column type (string/integer) you could also try an : to_int("DN")=to_int("DN_2")

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    IS LIKE is another possibility and would omit the to_int.
    – Erik
    Apr 17, 2019 at 10:56

Another solution via using regexp_match() and trim().

Since the match has to be checked both ways means the regexp_match() has to be applied twice using the conjunction AND to achieve the exact match.

regexp_match(trim("DN"), trim("DN_2")) AND regexp_match(trim("DN_2"), trim("DN"))

A Λ B is true only if A is True and B is True

regexp_match(input_string, regex)

Returns true if any part of a string matches the supplied regular expression
input_string the string to test against the regular expression
regex the regular expression to test against


Removes all leading and trailing whitespace (spaces, tabs, etc) from a string

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