The documentation has a field where you can list the name of your shape, the field, and other variables, but does not give examples of multiple features. The standalone tool supports multiple features.

CreateTin_3d (out_tin, {spatial_reference}, {in_features}, {constrained_delaunay})


arcpy.CreateTin_3d("NewTIN", "NAD 1983 StatePlane California II FIPS 0402 (Feet).prj", 
                   "points.shp Shape.Z masspoints", "constrained_delaunay")

I have tried to create a value table with the following code, but it does not seem to take it as a valid parameter:

XSEC = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(0)

value_table = arcpy.ValueTable(2)

value_table.addRow(XSEC + "1")

# Local variables:
Points = ""
Output_TIN = "C:\\Users\\....."

# Process: Add Surface Information
arcpy.AddSurfaceInformation_3d(Points, Input_Surface, "", "LINEAR", "", "1", "0", "NO_FILTER")

value_table.addRow(Points + "2")

# Process: Create TIN
arcpy.CreateTin_3d(Output_TIN, "", value_table, "CONSTRAINED_DELAUNAY")

This GeoNet thread is the closest I have found for a solution, but it does not appear to let the user set the Height field or the Type field.

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