I was sent several XML files of a flood model's peak extent that works fine in ArcGIS, I need to use zonal statistics, and I don't have that available in my workplace's ArcGIS subscription, so I need the XML files to open in QGIS (2.18.3 if it matters). I managed that by simply converting to a tiff file, and opening in QGIS, so far no issues.

However, when I use the zonal statistic tool to find the maximum height in a series of polygons the results come back empty. (No 0.00, just an empty box)

When I moved the TIFF files in, it automatically found the project CRS, I'm concerned that the Zonal Statistics tool notes the file hasn't got an embedded CRS and thus cannot process the request.

I am open to a attempting to:

  • embed a coordinate system in the Tiff if that's possible
  • convert them to another file type from the XML
  • starting again

How do I best extract the zonal statistics data from these raster layers?

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