I have an ArcPy script that changes the connection parameters for every item in a layer file from a SQL Server connection to a PostGIS connection. This script works perfectly in ArcGIS Python version 2.7.

As I am migrating the scripts to use the new ArcPy library in Python 3.7 for ArcGIS Pro, I am finding it really hard to achieve this very simple task. The layer.findAndReplaceWorkspacePath and layer.replaceDataSource are not ported to the new mp module and I am using layer.updateConnectionProperties to replace the underlying .sde connection file. The action does not have any effect and even if I set the Validate parameter to False, the layer sde connection file is not repointed and still shows as a SQL Server connection.

import arcpy
import os

class RepointLyr:

    def __init__(self):
        self.current_path = r'C:\lyr_file.lyr'
        self.lyr = arcpy.mp.LayerFile(self.current_path)
        self.layer_list = self.lyr.listLayers()

    def repoint_lyr(self):
        for layer in self.layer_list:
            if not layer.isGroupLayer:
                    datasetName = layer.dataSource.split("\\")[-1].split(".")[-1]
                    workspace_path = os.path.dirname(layer.dataSource)
                    layer.updateConnectionProperties(workspace_path, r"C:\connection_to_POSTGRES.sde", validate=False)
                    layer.updateConnectionProperties({'dataset': datasetName}, {'dataset': "sde.sde.{0}".format(datasetName)})
                except Exception as err:

if __name__ == "__main__":
    repoint_lyr = RepointLyr()

Has anyone already tried what I am trying to do, with successful results?

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