I was trying to replicate the Hot Spot Analysis (Getis-Ord Gi*) from Esri, but cannot find the shapefile, like the "911Count.shp", "911HotSpots.shp", etc. Can somebody tell me where I can download these shapefiles?


For reference, the 911Count.shp you're asking about is from the tool help, specifically within the Python snippets.


arcpy.HotSpots_stats("911Count.shp", "ICOUNT", "911HotSpots.shp",
                     "NONE", "#", "#", "euclidean6Neighs.swm", "NO_FDR")

These python snippets have been produced to show how the tool can be used. The data referenced here in this is made up / non-existent. The person who documented the tool may have the actual dataset when they wrote the snippet, but the data is not part of some master database available for download. The 911count.shp input data could have said purpleMonkeyDishWasher.shp if the document author was so inclined.

The link that @smiller references in the comment (https://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=02b7dddf672f40c4b0129aa7420105d9) provides similiar data (911 calls) and will work with the tool in question (Hot Spot Getis-Ord Gi*). I will point out though, that this dataset on ArcGIS.com and the 911Count from the Python snippet are merely coincidental. I don't believe the attributes found inside the arcgis.com data will match the python snippet. You'll need to update those.


Thanks for the shapefile and the detailed explanation. I looked at the data, and as you guys mentioned, it is not the same as the Hot Spot Analysis used, therefore it is not easy to follow the step the analysis did. I guess what I am looking for is some scripts with shapefiles so that I can practice my python language and ArcGIS skills. I would appreciate that if you guys know some dataset or webpage that I can do this.

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